25 000

tons of cargo
was delivered in 2016

Automobile transportation

International and inland road transport of goods is one of the main activities of the Atasu Group. The optimal routes, attractive prices, range of services, delivery door to door in a strictly specified time according to your requirements-all that every day provide our experienced specialists using assets.

Company assets allow to organize a difficult, oversized, extra heavy cargo transportation with provision of own schemes of loading and fixture of freight We use our own fleet of specialized vehicles, which allows us to provide the required transport conditions, to ensure the safety of goods and the minimum level of costs.

Our capabilities

Atasu group provides own resources and company assets:

Fleet Atasu Groups equipped with GPS navigators, allowing you to control the movement of vehicles in transit. Oversized and heavy cargo transportation we deliver our own specialized vehicles, including 6-vespine-walled trammel nets.

We offer our customers:
Transportation of cargoes from China

Delivery of consumer goods and products from China to CIS countries by trucks.

Transportation by autocontainer carriers

Transportation by container carriers from China to the CIS countries.

Delivery of cargo within Almaty

Delivery of cargo by light vehicles with a carrying capacity up to 5 tons within Almaty and Almaty region.

Oversized and heavy cargoes

Transportation of oversized and heavy cargoes.

Important facts

Moving from Atasu group - it is high quality and the best solutions for each project

Experts say the company in different languages, which simplifies control over the transportation of goods during a stay abroad and speeds up communication between all involved parties.

350 employees
Total warehouse area
14 000 sq.m
The volume of freight traffic for 2016
4 023 000 tones
An experience
19 years
Wagon turnover
15 000 wagons


  • High speed of cargo transportation.
  • It does not require specially equipped places for loading/unloading.
  • Loading at the seller’s place and delivery directly to the buyer at all reasonable time.
  • Saving of time and resources for obtaining goods.
  • Transportation of goods from 1 kg to extra heavy cargoes within optimal time-limits and on routes convenient for a customer.
How we work