10 000 000

tons of cargo
was delivered in 2020

Railroad transportation

Atasu Group performs its own rail freight cars with a full range of services of any complexity and in optimal time:project cargo, heavy loads and machinery with the development of schemes of loading and fastening, packaged product, goods consumer, food goods.

  • Own fleet of rail cars:
  • Covered trucks;
  • Open cars;
  • Insulated rail cars;
  • Universal flat rail cars;
  • Container flatcars. 
  • Geography of transportation: China, Kazakhstan,
  • CIS, Europe, Asia.
  • Our services include:
  • Payment of railway charges in all territories;
  • All the way entire control over the cargo movement;
  • Door-to-door cargo delivery (railway, truck, container transportation);
  • Manual and mechanical loading of carload and container shipment;
  • Reception, loading, departure of oversized and
  • heavy cargo, machinery, lumber and other cargo under the supervision of qualified professionals;
  • Control by our representatives of unloading/loading at railway stations;
  • Drafting the schemes of cargo loading and fastening on railway rolling stock;
  • Customs agent services;
  • Transshipment and fastening at Dostyk and Altynkol stations;
  • Own Dostyk and Zhetysu terminal;
  • Provision of railcars.

Our capabilities

Atasu Group has own resourses:

  • Own rolling stock
  • the fleet of vehicles and special equipment
  • services of 2 logistic terminals in Almaty region
  • the temporal warehousing
  • import 70
  • courier or express service
  • services of the customs representative
  • Our specialists in cargo transportation, forwarding, development of schemes for loading and securing oversized and super heavy loads

We offer our clients:
Transportation of cargo on the route

China - Russia, China - Kazakhstan - the CIS, CIS - Asia, local and long-distance transport in Kazakhstan.

Payment of fares on agreements

Payment railway tariffs under direct contracts with the companies: KTZ.

Project cargoes

Development of schemes of loading and fastening of cargo staff and monitoring of performance of works.

The storage of various goods

Warehousing, overloading,storage of various cargo with special equipment, storage facilities and squares.

Important facts

Atasu Group provides own resources and company assets to meet the challenges of the urgent delivery of goods at any distance.

Atasu Group implemented over 150 projects for oversized and heavy cargo Experienced specialists develop schemes of loading and securing of bulky goods, are present at loading and control performance of works Atasu Group is an associate member of ANEK since 2005 and is actively involved in the development of transport potential of the country.

1500 employees
Total warehouse area
30 000 sq.m
The volume of freight traffic for 2020
10 000 000 tones
An experience
22 years
Wagon tumover
15 000 wagons


we have a low cost that allows to reduce the transportation costs

we provide high capacity for the movement of goods

they are effective for transporting goods over long distances

they are optimal for transporting certain goods (such as special machines transportation)

How we work