"While the wheat was sold last year at the price level of 35,000 tenge per ton, today the wheat of the third class costs as much as 48,000-49,000 tenge. We expect further price growth,"- Minister said.

Speaking about the sales market, Shukeyev added that in the previous year, we faced a lack of grain jetties. This year, the head of the Ministry of Agriculture assured, we are working on the lead and we are systematically working on solving logistics issues.

Regarding the problem of high tariffs for transportation of Kazakh goods through transit countries, work is underway for both reduction of such tariffs and search for alternative routes, Shukeyev concluded.

The Minister of Agriculture also reported on the situation with the harvest of grain crops.

"As of today, harvesting of grain comes to an end in Zhambyl, Turkestan regions - 95 and 96%. The average grain yield is 21 centners from one hectare.

Harvesting continues in West Kazakhstan, Almaty, Aktobe, Pavlodar, Kyzylorda, East Kazakhstan regions".

The harvesting area of grain of the above-mentioned regions is 3 million hectares, of which, 1.1 million hectares were harvested.

2 million tons were grinded taking into account the average grain yield of 18.1 centners from one hectare. 

In general the gross grain harvest is forecasted in the volume of more than 20 million tons that is a good result in severe conditions of the current season," said Shukeyev. 

According to him, the main grain-growing regions will start harvesting in late August - early September.

Assessing the availability of grain storage containers, Shukeyev said - the total grain storage capacity in the Republic of Kazakhstan is 26.7 million tons, including 13.7 million tons for Grain Reception Centre and 13 million tons for agricultural producers.

"The specified capacity is enough to store the expected harvest, taking into account the remnants of past years," the Agriculture Minister summed up.

Source: https://www.nur.kz