186 000

tons of cargo
was delivered in 2020

Air cargo transportation

  • Geography of transportation: Kazakhstan, Germany,
  • Spain, Netherlands, China, America, Russia, Turkey and further all over the world
  • Our services include:
  • Extensive international agent network, direct contracts with airlines;
  • Rendering complex of services in the country of consignment and destination;
  • Individual selection of transportation routes;
  • Cargo storage at the warehouse of any airport;
  • Export and import (extensive international agent network, contracts with airlines);
  • Chartering of aircrafts;
  • Organization of freight charter flights;
  • Possibility of transportation of all types of cargo: oversized, super heavy, requiring compliance with the temperature regime, design and urgent cargo;
  • Minimum delivery terms;
  • High transportation reliability.

Our capabilities

The company provides international air freight routes in the CIS, China, Korea and the United Arab Emirates.

The complex of logistic services on the principle of "one window". System of discounts and bonuses for regular customers. A broad partnership network. Full information in the field of logistics of a particular country and legislation.

We offer our customers:
Agent supply networks

we have all the resources of a wide agency network established over the 20 years of our work in the market of cargo transportations.

Cargo delivery from door to door

We deliver the goods with the full range of services in the destination country and the country of origin of goods.

Comprehensive services

We provide the delivery and transit of cargo, arrangement of packages, booking free the cargo tanks on the aircraft, packing/repacking of cargo, services of customs representatives, freight forwarding.

Warehouse storage

We provide services of warehousing in the territory of the International airport of Almaty and delivery of cargo to own warehouses of temporary storage.

Important facts

Atasu Group provides own resources and company assets to meet the challenges of the urgent delivery of goods at any distance.

Atasu Group implemented over 150 projects for oversized and heavy cargo Experienced specialists develop schemes of loading and securing of bulky goods, are present at loading and control performance of works Atasu Group is an associate member of ANEK since 2005 and is actively involved in the development of transport potential of the country.

1 500 employees
Total warehouse area
30 000 sq.m
The volume of freight traffic for 2020
10 000 000 tones
22 years
Wagon turnover
15 000 wagons


  • Urgent delivery of goods from "door to door"
  • Confirmed by written recommendations reliability of cooperation with Atasu Group
  • System of discounts for permanent and new customers with large volumes of cargo
How we work