70 000

tons of cargo
was delivered in 2016

Logistic terminal

Logistics terminals Atasu group located in Almaty area combines in a single whole services associated with the delivery of cargoes, storage and warehousing, transshipment, customs processing of goods and vehicles.

Atasu group proposes to use the resources of two own terminals: rent Railway deadlock equipped with special equipment for the loading and reloading of goods, wagons, rental of cold store rental open site, rental of office space.


«Dostyk Cargo Service LLP»  Dostyk Station, Almaty region

«Atasu Trans LLP», Otegen Batyr Village, Almaty region (the terminal is less than 15-18 km from the center of Almaty)

Our capabilities

Atasu group provides its own resources and assets of the Company:

Production power of terminals Atasu group can be used for the consolidation of small shipments, storage, packaging and repackaging of cargoes, for transshipment of complete cargoes. The range of services includes the delivery, processing, storage and customs clearance of the goods. Equipped with all the necessary equipments one terminal can simultaneously receive and process 60-100containers and wagons per day.

We offer:
Cargo Consolidation

Consolidation of cargoes in warehouses in Almaty and region.

International cargo operations

International cargo transportation to CIS countries.

Warehousing and distribution

Warehousing and distribution field.

Important facts

Atasu group provides its own resources and assets of the company to meet the challenges of the urgent delivery of goods to any distance.

Atasu group has implemented over 150 projects on project oversize cargoes and over-tonnaged transportations Experienced specialists are developing the scheme of loading and the mounting of oversized cargo, present on the loading and monitor the implementation of the operation Atasu group has been an associate member of the Association of Freight forwardings of Kazakhstan since 2005, and hab been actively participated in the development of the transport potentials of the country.

350 employees
Total warehouse area
14 000 sq.m
The volume of freight traffic for 2016
4 023 000 tones
An experience
19 years
Wagon turnover
15 000 wagons


  • Services of logistics terminals Atasu Group is part of a complex transport solutions and are of interest to companies choosing to procure the supply chain.
  • Our terminals are comfortable for companies which import and export their goods in CIS countries and China.
  • Warehouses in the Almaty region is used for consolidation of small consignments and for the handling of packaged goods.
How we work