400 000

packages and parcels
was delivered in 2016

Courier service

Atasu Express a reliable and responsible partner with a well-organized courier service, which will perform the work in due time and in the best possible way.

Atasu Express ensures to its customers the high service for the organization and execution of even the most complex delivery. You will always be sure that the documents will be accurately delivered to a recipient as soon as possible. Atasu Express has its representatives in all regional centers of Kazakhstan.

Our capabilities

Atasu group provides own resources and company assets:

Network of regional representatives in the cities of Kazakhstan the сourier service is included in the group of companies providing the whole range of logistics services and has its own assets of the resources of the courier services for simultaneous quality service of a large number of both individuals and large enterprise customers.

We offer our customers free of charge:
Courier call

Courier call and personal manager


Branded packaging

Delivery report

Delivery report in any form convenient for you

Online tracking

Online tracking using an invoice number on atasu.kz

Important facts

Atasu group provides own resources and company assets to meet the challenges of the urgent delivery of goods at any distance.

Atasu Group implemented over 150 projects for oversized and heavy cargo Experienced specialists develop schemes of loading and securing of bulky goods, are present at loading and control performance of works. Atasu Group is an associate member of ANEK since 2005 and is actively involved in the development of transport potential of the country.

more than 4 years on the market
Number of regional representatives
Staff person
Total number of customers
more than 200
Total number of shipments in 2016
more than 60,000 shipments


  • Delivery time and costs saving. You will not have to spend time on visiting a post office, filling in postal forms, creating an address mailing list, packing documents into envelopes – our couriers will arrive at the address you provided and do everything themselves. Immediately after ordering, the correspondence is packaged in the branded envelopes, sorted and delivered by the service staff at the addresses.
  • The courier service ensures mail delivery to the addressee. The customer may always find out about the delivery status online on atasu.kz or by calling a courier service manager. After completing the delivery, we provide the customer with a detailed report signed by personswho have received the correspondence.
  • The courier service will help you to organize an addressed and unaddressed mailing of advertising materials, such as leaflets, flyers, brochures, catalogs. A mailing area is determined using our database of addresses or using a customer’s database. For example, to attract buyers to a specific store, the correspondence may be delivered to the residents of the surrounding areas.
How we work