174 443

tons of cargo
was delivered in 2020

Multimodal shipping

Geography of transportation: Europe, Southeast Asia (Thailand, Taiwan, India, Philippines), East Asia (Pakistan, Iran, UAE) China, Australia, USA, CIS and Turkey.
Our service, include:

  • Full spectrum of services on cargo processing, transshipment in ports and/or warehouses;
  • Development of individual scheme of transportation with selection of appropriate type of transport to optimize the delivery terms and cost of your cargo;
  • Control the loading/unloading of your cargo with recalculation of loading places and execution of documents on receipt and transfer of cargo at destination places, transit and transshipment as well as photo and video reports;
  • Completion of transport (shipping) documents in the country of dispatch, destination and transit;
  • Assistance in cargo customs clearance and insurance in the country of dispatch and destination;
  • Lining, marking of excise products;
  • Temporary storage warehouses (Europe, Russia,
  • Kazakhstan, Baltics, China);
  • Provision of real-time information on location of your cargo at different stages of transportation.

Our capabilities

Atasu Group by a wide partner network can carry out maritime transport in the main European ports, Central, East, South, South-West and South-East Asia.

Organization and implementation of transportation, the company carries on long-term contracts through a network of partners (service providers), which has a long and strong partnership Atasu Group delivers sea freight various types of hazardous goods: Standard Weights (equipment, spare parts, furniture, vehicles, clothing, alcoholic beverages, food and much more); oversized and heavy-weight cargoes, bulk cargo, bulk dry cargo.

Important facts

Atasu Group provides its own resources and assets of the company to meet the challenges of the urgent delivery of goods to any distance.

Atasu Group has implemented over 150 projects on project oversize cargoes and over-tonnaged transportations Experienced specialists design the scheme of loading and the mounting of oversized cargo, present on the loading and monitor the implementation of the operation Atasu Group has been an associate member of the Association of Freight forwarding of Kazakhstan since 2005, and had been actively participated in the development of the transport potentials of the country.

1500 employees
Total warehouse area
30 000 sq.m
The volume of freight traffic for 2016
10 000 000 tones
An experience
22 years
Wagon turnover
15 000 wagons


  • We deliver the goods to the overload of the vehicles of the court or the contracted from its ports of entry for transport to the place of delivery, with full control over the process of loading/unloading.
  • We deliver the goods to the port of departure and the encounter in the port of destination for the delivery to the place of unloading, with full escort of cargo and full control over the process of loading/unloading.
  • We have the carriage of goods between the ports of arrival and sent;
  • We have a complex transportation by different modes of transport (road, marine and railway) with full escort of cargo and full control over the process of loading/unloading.
How we work